03 July 2009

random post

I've always been super inspired by FRUiTS and Japanese street style, and it's the only inspiration I actively look to for any outfits. I do grab inspiration from all around me, and at the end of the day I can pick out what inspired the outfit, subconciously or not. It's funny. Even though I think Betsy Johnson isn't my thing, two weeks later I'll be wearing something froufrou and be reminded of her unintentionally? Anyway, if you're going to buy any magazine ever, it should be FRUiTS. If you are both 1) stingy and 2) lazy, I've uploaded some of my favorite outfits on my other tumblr. That way, if you miss my outfit posts, you can see BETTER outfits!

Here are some of my favorites, and they pretty much always inspire me. Some aren't from FRUiTS, but never mind that.

this look above is what i wear pretty much on an every day basis.
this look (below) is very number (n)ine... R.I.P bbz.

This is maybe the best outfit ever and if you don't think so you're not my friend.

Nothing in the world is more perfect than this picture. Nothing.