11 July 2009

青春就要不一樣* (in other words, i want to make this post impossible to hyperlink 2)

This was supposed to be all ~PROGRESSION OF AN OUTFIT//1DKJF but the pictures are out of order. Anyway. Let me explain it:

1. This is a really large dress! It was in the obese pajama section of goodwill, but I am both a sucker for stripes and zippers, so I had to get it anyway.
2. My room is kind of a hot mess right now (read: you could hide several dead bodies in here. Not that I've tried. Or anything. Um.) so I just picked up whatever was on my bed to experiment with. Including the shoes.
3. I don't like shirts, really. I wear maybe five shirts in revolving order, all tshirts. So I wore the skirt as a shirt in one of the outfits above.

ALSOOOOOOOO!!!! Let us take the time to watch my favorite asians in the entire world other than Matsujun. G-Dragon is my favorite person ever. Actually, no. It is Rei -> Tao -> Peters -> Ishiguro -> Matsujun -> G-Dragon, but I only like 15 people on the planet so he's VERY SPECIAL OKAY?! Be forewarned: the music is questionable, I actually like Epik High musically more than Big Bang.. but uum... yeah. Feel free to mute it and just stare at the clothes.

G-Dragon is the fashionably awesome rapper in the chair in the beginning. T.O.P is also hot, but in a vulcan-wow-his-eyebrows-look-intense kind of way.