02 October 2014

BUST Magazine October 2014: It Me

A little while back BUST asked me about my favorite things, and now the issue in which I discuss those things is out for you to buy. I've been a fan of BUST since I would flip through the copies of the mag in the Women's Center on campus. It was one of the few places at school I felt safe and unbothered, and I'd spend hours flipping through the zine archives and old BUST and BITCH issues. It feels very circle of life to now get text messages and Snapchats of my friends back at school with their own copies, sitting in the same seats I once sat in, with the magazine that I used to revere so much.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 5.04.44 PM

For the interview as well as my recommendations and advice, you'll have to buy the October issue, but here is an out-take from the shoot to tide you over. I'm wearing Siriano, Prada, and Margiela. Not sure where you could buy the suit outside of Christian's stores so I'm providing you with some alternate options -- a femme runway piece and a cheaper (but equally cute) alternative.


Anyway! I'm back to work -- working on a bunch of really fun but challenging projects I can't wait to show you. I think you'll really love them. Talk to you soon!

Photo by Tayler Smith for BUST October 2014 (outtake) / Photo by Me