02 June 2009


Giveaway Summer!




Eryn briniĆ©, which is a label I think you'll all love. I think with summer, I'm going to be dressing in a lot of easy pieces with some epic tailoring, and Eryn has some stellar pieces that would go with pretty much everything. Eryn briniĆ© is actually a fictional character; a young fashion designer in her early 20’s living in Paris who loves art and culture, frequents museums and is constantly inspired by the beauty around her. Sounds like pretty much like what I'm going to go to do in summer, except I'm not as awesome.

Anyway! The girls at Eryn have been awesome enough to send me some accessories and a gift card to give away!

Pretty much all you need to do is comment in the post below with your email, name, and one sentence about what kind of girl you'd want to be in the summer. Travel the world with only a pair of shoes? Write it down.

You're limited to one sentence. Make it worth it!

You can enter once only. This will be going on until June 12th. Good luck, girls!