08 June 2009

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(Before you say it: Why yes. I do use my phone like it is an additional appendage. )

Anyway! This is a jumpsuit thingamagijggy I got from my friend Zoe awhile ago. Since summer is kind of not quite here, I wear it pretty often with the harness I got from Angie as part of my prom dress (which you should not expect pictures of for well.. ages, because we all know how I am with showing you things on time.) I wear the harness probably way more than I should. It is kind of the best thing in the entire world, except it does not give me money on whims or speak in tongues. If it did, I would probably be fondling it instead of typing this... hehehh.


Pretty old outfit, but one you guys probably haven't seen. This jacket is actually a handmedown from my English teacher, from when she was a student thrifting? Funny stuff. It's so pretty.

Anyway, I'm looking through the comments now! You guys still have a few days left, so keep posting!

so. first outfit: gifted jumpsuit, Angie harness
second outfit: gifted vintage jacket, vintage vest, thrifted blouse, vintage skirt, vintage belt.
the reason i don't typically post outfit information is because everything is vintage or thrifted!