11 November 2011

wishlist version: me but more

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - all from farfetch
Another page for my wishlist series. Things that I've been staring at lately. Of course I can't afford a sleeve of anything of these things, but it's a good jumping off point for hunting for things. I think I do a good enough job translating my dream wardrobe into my real life, though, and what is funny about this wishlist is that it's really just more expensive versions of what I already have in my closet. Just goes to show you what you have is more than enough. Here are some blog versions of these pieces for reference, you should be able to click the photos to see the original posts:


This shade of green is my favorite color, though I have only one item in it. Naturally I gravitated like a moth to a flame when I saw this ODLR dress. I think people who don't know me as well wouldn't think I'd like this dress -- or anything Oscar, but I do follow his collections pretty closely and one of my biggest vintage regrets is not swiping up this plaid ODLR dress when I should have. Still haunts me. 

Not a direct translation of the CDG half-jacket, but I think it is quite similar and it is also CDG so maybe I cheated but WHATEVER OK. 

I don't have $5000+ to spend on that perfect Valentino dress, but this vintage dress is one of my favorite items of clothing and was the first ever vintage dress I really obsessed over, and it was a gift from my favorite local vintage shop when I first started blogging. Meika (one of the owners) just had a birthday the other day, I've got to drop by and wish her a happy birthday. :) 

So what are you obsessing over right now? Any splurges lately?