30 July 2011

when she got her groove back

My friend Meagan sent me this jacket because it didn't fit her I think, and I couldn't be more blessed right now. I have the best readers and the best blog friends. Seriously. Anyway, this jacket? It is one of my dream jackets, and goes perfectly with everything ever and I spent this entire morning and most of the afternoon listening to BoA and taking pictures of the infinite outfit possibilities!  I'm not going to show you all the outfits, though, because a girl has gotta have some secrets. Lol jk they're going to be my fashion week outfits and I don't want to show you guys until then.

I seriously haven't been this inspired to dress in awhile. It's just, such an Arabelle Jacket. It is Me.


You're probably like, "...so where is the jacket?" I thought I'd show you the starting point of the outfit first. Ignoring the awkward school-photo-esque pose (it was intentional, I SWEAR). This is basically a maxi skirt dress thing I got the other day at Goodwill for $1, for layering and simple summer outfits. I'm wearing it with a Road Warrior Harness by Angie. Eventually I'll buy a harness from Zana, I've been trying to decide which one for like, a year, because I am absolutely pathetic with fashion purchases and it takes me literally like 8 months to decide whether to buy something or not if it's more than $5. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

INSERT DRUMROLL HERE. I DON'T WANT TO EMBED ACTUAL DRUMROLL, SO IMAGINE IT OKAY? fake drumroll: sdjasdkadhkedwdsakdjasdadakjdahdkjadkajsdhakjdhakdakdakdakdakdjaa...


So this is ~the~ jacket. It's mostly unbuttoned because I wanted to show the harness still, and also the faked dress texture I did using hair elastics. I've done this trick a bunch of times before. If you're a longtime reader, you'll remember my sweater-skirt, my tablecloth skirt.... it's all the same principle really. Also, this was the first picture I took and then decided to put lipstick on so that's why it's different than the rest of the photos. 


This is such a classic CDG jacket, and it's from one of my favorite periods of Rei's work. It's entirely adjustable, because it has four arm holes -- you can wear it upside down, half upside down, etc. This is 'right side up'.

This is like, a really, really horrible homage to my favorite Nick Knight / CDG editorial, it was in Another Magazine Fall 2004. It's on the fuckyeahcdg tumblr I help run.  I may have failed, but it was in my head so it counts! This is what the jacket looks like 'upside down', and with the sleeves tied up in front. I think in the future I'll tie it into a ball. You can also wear it with the sleeves hanging down, obvs.


And just to change it up, this is how the jacket looks partially buttoned over a CDG blouse and some sequined harem pants. Ugh you guys it's so good I could cry.

The glaring omission to this post? My CDG dress, obvs. But that is for another day -- a special occasion, baha. Thank you so much Meagan. And thank you for reading.