02 August 2011

unexpressed emotions will never die.

Lately at work I've been researching up on wabi-sabi (I'll do a post on it probably this week, it's super interesting) and looking more into my favorite designers like Jun Takahashi and Rei and the like. Not that it don't do it already, I've amassed a respectable library of awesome papers on fashion theory and Rei since I started blogging. But, when I was on the phone with Scott the other day (I hope you all know who I'm talking about by now, you'll see a lot more of him on FP, just saying) I mentioned how misleading my closet can be.

On one hand, I have an excessive amount of cute, twee vintage dresses and skirts that I love and wear on basically a daily basis. But if I had the means, I'd only wear macabre complicated and absolutely man-repelling situations. I basically wear vintage because it's all I can practically afford and it's easy to wear and it makes me feel pretty. But most of the time I don't want to feel pretty, I want to feel safe and dangerous and strong and powerful, which is what I feel when I wear avant garde stuff like Junya Watanabe. I think Grandpa Yohji said it the best, when he describes why he creates clothes.

My role in all of this is very simple. I make clothing like armor. My clothing protects you from unwelcome eyes
Yohji Yamamoto
I like that. That is what I like. What I absolutely despise about summer dressing is I can't treat clothes like an experiment in solitude or like armor. It's annoying.

Junya Watanabe FW 08, Sasha Grey for Exit Magazine SS11, Undercover FW06, Jun Takahashi's Graces, FRUiTS, CDG SS 1997, Aimee Mullins for Alexander McQueen, Tumblr.

I've written about street style many times before, or at least, FRUiTS before, and some of these pictures are very old but they never seem to lose their magic for me. I'm really interested in the way some designers repeatedly use masks, and almost puritanical motifs when it comes to clothes.. how often can you call someone wearing head to toe Yohji or CDG sexy? Edgy, maybe (gag at that word), cool, certainly. Beautiful, certainly. But never sexy. Or at least, hardly. I like that the most about it. You basically force people to see you on your own terms, something that might scare them a little.

FRUiTS, White Gauze by Robert Mapplethorpe, Undercover FW06, Tumblr, Tumblr, Tumblr, CDG FW1983-84,

Going through old fashionspot forums looking at pictures of my favorite CDG collections at the moment (F/W 2008, 2006, the two collections the majority of my own cdg stash is from) and it's funny to me that those are like some of the least liked collections, because they scare people. I dunno, they were always my favorite because they were literal interpretations of mixing 'gendered' clothing, masculine with feminine. Suits with dresses bursting out of them, crushed Victorian frills peeking out from really formal menswear. So, so so cool, so beautiful. It is so strange and different it is beautiful in it's own respect and redefines the standards of beauty, and that is what is so fantastical. They are such perfect examples that you don't need to be sexy or even pretty or cute to be beautiful. In fact, you can be downright frightening.

I did an interview with Cyrena from ReFashioner, she was really cool and I think you might enjoy the interview. :) We hit it off and I'll be working with ReFashioner in the future. 


Cristina said...

I understand your frustrations with peoples misinterpretations of clothing lines or styles that you feel passionate about...I'm a sci-fi nerd b.t.w. and will always love anything that looks like it was pulled from a Space Odyssey dressing-room. Point being...when people are "freaked out" by something or just find it plain weird, I just say whatever! I like your style and commend you for your developed fashion tastes...I like this post and just thought you should know <3


Hazel said...

I find the concept of wabi-sabi so intriguing and I have read some interpretation of it in terms of furniture design, but not with clothes so I'm quite excited for your post!

Flower Bobbles said...

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Thank you,

Claire said...

Incredible post. I always think that the most beautiful things are mosty strange, scary, or even ugly, to other people... And then I try to explain to them that that's what makes it beautiful but they just end up thinking I'm mental.

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

In fear of sounding like a broken record I'm going to give my take on fashion yet again. Fashion, and the way we dress personally (is that what they call 'street style'??) is just an expression of who we are - the artist being manifested in a showy display of clothing. If we wear designer gear we identify with that artist who created it and want to wear their clothes (like hanging a painting on a wall). I LOVE vintage clothes because it's the kind of artist that people have forgotten about, and hence are much more interesting because not everyone else has it - only you (or me!xx) We are a blank canvas that we dress how we desire. xx

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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Autumn said...

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on wabi-sabi (and fashion? Or will it just be the theory?). I've been interested in the subject for a few years--I've still got several books about it on my Amazon wishlist that I need to get around to buying--and I think it's a great way of making things accessible while promoting individuality.

Very nice post! I had been feeling frustrated with my own personal wardrobe lately, and your blog is helping me re-evaluate what I'm looking for in terms of fashion and style.

Assez Blonde said...

love these! btw, you remind me so much of Grace Woodward.