15 August 2011

back to school cluelessness

I could say how much I'm totally bummed school is almost back in session, but I would be lying. I'm a huge nerd and cannot wait to spend my entire day at the library and nights sitting in some strangers backyard listening to a very drunk reading of Dylan Thomas poetry and go to basement shows where everyone is basically required to be an english/gender studies/politics major. I love learning and reading and writing 10 page papers and I CANNOT WAIT to do these things.  


Jacket: Pendleton, thrifted Blouse: Vintage dress worn as shirt, thrifted. Skirt: Gift from mom Tights: Thrifted brand new! $0.10 holler. Lips:  Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Crush.

 In honor of back to school prep, I thought I'd  base the look around my new Modella bag. I took a break from being a goth wabi-sabi ice princess and pulled out colors to do a Clueless-y monochromatic look that is worthy of the backpack. You guys, I am a total sucker for backpacks, especially colorful ones. My Coach sequin backpack is the most used bag I have!   But I want to keep it forever so I put it back in it's duster bag until school starts up again. This is more durable and I quite like it. The magnets are much weaker than the Coach one, but at least it's machine washable.


You might have also noticed my hair color is significantly darker. I dyed it the other day. The vibrant magenta will be back soon enough; that's how my hair looks when it fades over weeks.

Anyway, I know a lot of my readers are high schoolers or about to enter high school and I just wanted to say good luck! High school was such an awesome environment for my creativity and I hope it is the same for you. Just be yourself and don't apologize for it, and you will do just fine. People are jerks but what they say can't hurt you if you don't let it.  If they're giving you looks for trying something new, just throw it back in their faces and smile when they stare. Nothing will freak them out more, trust me. I know it can be really scary to walk down the hallways in something that doesn't fit in, but it is also super exciting and it's ok to wear what makes you happy. Wear things that make you feel alive, isn't that the thrill of fashion? Clothes make you feel things!! So, please remember, you shouldn't have to apologize for being who you feel you are. Ok? Remember this. Always remember this.


On a lighter note, I'm re-reading my favorite feminist light reads in prep for school and also for this film project I'm working on. It's gonna be really cool I think. The Miranda July isn't actually about feminism but it's an interesting.

Speaking of reads, and also school, since you're probably buying textbooks for the new semester I have partnered up with CampusBookRentals so you can get 15% off your rentals. You'll get free shipping both ways and have the option to choose exactly what day to return your books, it's pretty cool. I have 9 codes to give away, all you have to do is comment below and I'll pick randomly. Please comment with your name, e-mail and what you're studying in school (it can be your major or just a class you're taking).

 I'll pick the recipients Wednesday, August 17th and e-mail you the code and also an e-zine I made on fashion and feminism. If this sounds good, comment! x