22 August 2011

storm trooper ice princess

I just got leggings I've been dying for as a surprise present, so I couldn't wait to try them on and experiment with what I could do with them! Ria is one of my favorite internet friends and I can't wait to hang out with her at fashion week this season since she's staying in my area. I decided to wear them in a very clean look, trying to restrain myself from what I'm used to. It's more interesting I think. I ended up being very Storm Trooper Dominatrix by accident so I decided to go all the way with Princess Leia hair, too. 


Cannot get enough of this jacket from Meagan, it seriously goes with everything and I can wear it however I want. I cutoff the arms of this button down shirt because it is way too big otherwise, and I think it's a match made in heaven no? There was no way I was going to spend like $50 on a sleeveless button down when I can just make one out of something I never wear.


Oh also I have a whip just lying around so obviously it was necessary to incorporate it into my look. I mean, hello???? When I look stoneface I look really scary so whatever, these are the best pictures you're gonna get of me wielding it. I ain't no model. That's Lara Stone's job.


Jacket: Comme des Garcons, gift Blouse: Thrifted Leggings: Filthy Magic, gift Shoes: Thrifted

Ria owns Filthy Magic (the place these leggings are from), and she is having a sale  right now and you can also get 15% off using this discount code: FASHIONPIRATE, fyi. I got the last pair of leggings and I'm so grateful, I can't wait to experiment with them more.


I feel that I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't also show you my shoes. I haven't done head to toe outfit shots with this backdrop because it's actually on top of my bed, and I'm sure as hell not going to wear shoes and get dirt on my bedding. But these are the shoes I wore with the outfit. Aren't they unreal?

p.s my wabi-sabi post I promised a few posts back will be up on Wednesday. Super stoked. 


Cheer Outreach Team said...

Hi Arabelle,
Just a quick note to say that the Cheer laundry detergent team loves your blog! We’d be pleased to have you join our blogger outreach program, as we share in your love of clothes (and keeping them clean!) If you’d be interested, please shoot me a quick email at Cheer And Catalyst@Gmail.com for more info.

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Lee said...

I love the outfit and the hair style was definitely necessary =]
I don't actually have much white in my wardrobe. I think I should invest and try out something similar to this look =]

Lee x


vicky said...

love the hairstyle!!! :D

u're always supa stylish!!! :))

i'm following u!

Cat said...

Hi, I love Comme Des Garcons!! Well who doesnt :')
Please give some feedback on my blog :)


Oscar and Anna said...

I want to see the leggings! Sweet boots hon!

Kelly-Ann said...

Amazing style. I love your princess Leia do :)

Yajaira said...

cute boots


L!MEgreen said...

This is totally random but I saw this photo from a series called "I am more than my face :)" by Mitsuko Nagone and it instantly made me think of your aesthetic! (because of your recent posts about tumour-like fashion) here is the photo: http://www.todayandtomorrow.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Mitsuko-Nagone_2.jpg

Willow said...

those. SHOES.
you're killing me with the fabulousness over here jeez

Magnet said...

I love black and white outfits. Good idea with the button shirt, I'm a total sucker and ordered a similar AA one the other week. Fail on my part.

meg said...



death_sexxx said...

the hair... the boots... fucking awesome!!

postcard printing said...

I am going to be obsess over that outfit until it kills me.That is exactly like the colors I adore year round,and her shoes are rocking!They fit her casual outfit aesthetic perfectly.