08 August 2011

who am i to feel so free


You guys, remember the earlier days of the blog when I used to wear crinolines as dresses and two tights at once? There was this one Nozomi Ishiguro dress, it was red, and I was obsessed with it. I haven't kept up with Ishiguro's work, but I spent the afternoon listening to T-ARA and catching up on it and it inspired me to do this. I took about a dozen photos using my crinoline in different ways with things I'm really into at the moment, inspired by my previously posted moodboard. :)


I love this crinoline because it's so versatile, I can literally wear it a thousand different ways because the elastic is old and there are so many layers to play with. I'll show you another way I've worn it on Wednesday. I wish I could make gifs because I'd show you how it moves IRL, because in these photographs the outfit is wayyyy girly, reminiscent of my favorite McQueen collection (can you guess which?) and it wasn't my original intention. Oh well.

Bolero: Vintage Crinoline Dress as Skirt: Comme des Garcons 

I noticed I have an influx of new blog readers! Hiiiiiii. :) I'm guessing you saw me in Teen Vogue or from Lucky's front page. Nice to meet you. *bows* ^_^