31 August 2011

neck me.

I was just packing away my accessories and makeup for the move to my dorm, and somehow it led me to stroll around YOOX for accessories. Yeah, everything leads back to online shopping, whatever. Like my wardrobe, my accessories collection is certainly colorful. More is always more! I haven't been wearing necklaces as much as I used to, or bracelets or rings, for that matter. I used to be very intense about wearing like an arm full of bangles or a dozen necklaces at a time, but now I wear one accessory, if that. Kinda bored my necklace collection to be frank. If I had the means, I'd totally grab one (preferably all though, bahaha) of these necklaces in a heartbeat. 

Are you an accessories person? I don't really think I am. Or a shoes person. I'm into jackets, they're my vice. What's yours? 


Jessie said...

I'm not an accessory person at all,well at least not a jewellery one,but I do like interesting shoes.I like denim jackets most of all though,they are the best thing,EVER.


melina bee said...

oh, I most def. am an accessories person, they're so fun and sometimes more sculptural or 3D than clothes can be. that lil dinosaur necklace is adorable and I wonder if I could somehow diy it?

Cristina said...

Shoes and bags, shoes and bags...I like to make my own accessories because I spend all my monies on shoes and bags <3


Lee said...

I'm a shoes person. Definitely.
But, I'm also a tights person and a sock person... But shoes, mainly shoes.

Umm, get that dinosaur necklace so I can look at it more =]

Thanks =]

Lee x

Raffles Bizarre said...

Ooh amazing! I love these, my favourite is the El Cabalo one! The dinosaur one is amazing too!

Faith said...

I kinda am, but I'll thrown on what's not really needed to be thrown on ;P, but I really love patterned tights. btw your'e a huge inspiration to me, thank you for inspiring me to start blogging, it means a lot! <3 <3

Willow said...

I'm totally an accessories person haha. My favorites to amass are rings and plugs (or "gauges"). It's rare that you'll find me without at least 6 rings on my fingers at once, and crazy spirals or huge wooden hoops in my ears

Manbearpig said...

I am a sweater person. The more colorful and Cosby-like, the better.

whitemaskgirl said...

Oh how nice collection of acceosries. I am more of a headband girl, I have tons of them.

Renee Revolution said...

The El Caballo necklace is so awesome.

I'm not much of an accessory person, really. I like to have a few accessories, but I can't go overboard. They have to at least sort of go with my outfit.

I love shoes, and I have a weakness for cute heels, but I never get to wear them since I'm on my feet so much and I'm a baby when my feet hurt.

provillus said...

These accessories are fun! A little over the top Rachel Zoe-style but I like them a lot. They are like wearing a piece of art.

Ria said...

I definitely have a shoe problem. I've gotten quite a few accessories lately.

Lydia said...

Loving the dino and the pink one with the cutouts.

Magnet said...

I am definitely a shoe person, I love them but I'm quite fussy about them. I have a lot of rings that I barely wear. I do like necklaces but those with short chains. Collar necklaces, I don't like the long type.

Danielle said...

Oooh lovely collection! :)

I'm obsessed with accessories, I always have to have on rings and earrings and of course a nice necklace. My favourite accessory is my scrabble ring - it's wicked!



Sleepy Darlings said...

Accessories are like salt and pepper for me. Yea, you could have an outfit without them, but why?? Necklaces are my favorite... sweet selection here!! p.s. i make leather necklaces if your into that sort of thing... christijay.etsy.com


MLB jerseys said...

Lovely shoes and bags!

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