31 August 2011

neck me.

I was just packing away my accessories and makeup for the move to my dorm, and somehow it led me to stroll around YOOX for accessories. Yeah, everything leads back to online shopping, whatever. Like my wardrobe, my accessories collection is certainly colorful. More is always more! I haven't been wearing necklaces as much as I used to, or bracelets or rings, for that matter. I used to be very intense about wearing like an arm full of bangles or a dozen necklaces at a time, but now I wear one accessory, if that. Kinda bored my necklace collection to be frank. If I had the means, I'd totally grab one (preferably all though, bahaha) of these necklaces in a heartbeat. 

Are you an accessories person? I don't really think I am. Or a shoes person. I'm into jackets, they're my vice. What's yours?