05 September 2011

everything is alright


Sneak peek of my dorm. It's small but colorful and I love it so much, this year has already been better than the last semester. Safe spaces and good people = the most important things ever.


Last night I got bored watching POTC(5? Idk. The newest one with the basic ass mermaid love story and Penelope Cruz.)  so did my nails. I'm not very good at nail art, so I'm actually quite proud of this feeble attempt.


Went back home for an optometrist appointment for a day and found this in my bedroom from Rebecca Minkoff! THE BEST EVER. It will go with everything I wear for fashion week, I'm super excited. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


My college closet. This is as concise as it's ever going to be, and I think a good description of my style. What is a basic? What is neutral? I HAVE NO IDEA.


No outfit post, but a face post....should....suffice idk man.

Anyway I have to go shower and cry over the presidential candidates being horrible people. See you. x