24 September 2011


Video from the Closestista website.

I'm really into the methodology behind Aminimal's rings and jewelry, it's super nerdy slash awesome, I'm kind of bummed I can't find their sterling silver rings anywhere on the internet, I want one! I'm not much of a ring person, or for that matter, a jewelry person.... I wear a watch and that is about it. But I like the organic meets technological feel their jewelry has. I'm not good at describing things, so I pulled their bio:

One of Aminimal’s signature materials is nylon that is printed into shapes using a SLS 3D printer. The production may be minimal, even industrial, but the end result is hardly sterile. Each piece is first created using a computer program that Briscella and Blum experiment with and manipulate before reaching the final incarnation of the design.

Pumpkin Ring

Who's your favorite jewelry designer? Do you go for $$$ or cheap tricks? I lose rings a lot, and am very picky, but they have nylon rings (??!) and they're like $25 and they're really cool so I might buy one. 


Maureen said...

you can find the ribbon ring in silver on http://shopclosetista.com/collections/aminimal/products/ribbon-ring
i don't know about the pumpkin one....

Magnet said...

ooh, nice jewellery indeed. Although I have quite a few rings, I barely ever wear them -__-. I LOVE your outfit in the post below btw.

kendal croix. said...

WOW. Amazing. I have worked with 3D printers in plastic and wax but I had no idea you could 3D print nylon.

Anonymous said...

for all the jewelry pretty muchhhhh

Style Astronaut said...

I'm not very into jewellry but this ring is beautiful, it's made so carefully ♥


Closetista Ltd. said...

Aminimal Studio has amazing collection, and Fashion Pirate has awesome readers... we'd like to extend a discount code to the readers of this post... On checkout from http://shopclosetista.com - use code: PIRATE20 and you'll get 20% off

Lydia said...

That pumpkin ring is genius. Most of my jewelry is really cheap because I'm poor. Also I find great stuff thrifting.

onmata said...

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Sophie Andersen said...

xx Sophie

Laura-photographies said...

Love all yours pictures !!

Jac said...

Love the ring


Stew said...

It's quite lovely but it looks more like a ribbon than a pumpkin. One thing for sure though is that it was created from an artisan designer jewelry portfolio.

Geoff Granfield said...

That's the kind of rings for women that my daughter would adore any time of the day! Oh my God, please, where can I buy something like that for her 18th birthday?