11 September 2011

Streetstyle: Day One

I don't actually read many street style blogs anymore, if any at all. But I wanted to document the inspiring people I've bumped into at Fashion Week this season -- besides my friends, of course, who are always inspiring and will have their own posts of their own in the future! Here are some cool people who were kind enough to let me take their photos.



Outside United Bamboo. I was stalking her mostly because I couldn't believe she could wear a SWEATER in the heat, and also because it's awesome. Didn't catch her clothing credits, oh well. 

Ugh, slightly out of focus but whatever, she was really shy (and adorable!) and I didn't want to bother her for too long; this was right after United Bamboo. Obviously since she was wearing a Comme des Garcons blouse I HAD to take her picture. Super sweet.