12 September 2011

Mandy Coon SS2012

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I really liked Mandy Coon's last collection, but I love this one. It is really everything I want in clothes at the moment, every detail made me want to clap: leather strips, flowing pleats, half-skirt situations that I wanted to tear off the models and put on myself the second I saw them. It's a shame you can't get a 360 view of the pieces from style.com or whatever, because they look a billion times cooler in person (not that they look bad online, by any means). It's such a well rounded collection, I think everyone will find something they like in it. Mandy had  elegance in white, but also street savvy demon punks in leather and accordion pleats. It was just so perfectly on point for what I've been looking for recently: goth schoolgirl, grown up. There were so many outfits that I absolutely loved --- basically, all of them! 

This and the look above it were probably my favorites of the collection, and are definitely two of my faves I've seen overall this fashion week. They could have so easily been just another forgettable New York Cool Look, the ones you see endlessly during this fashion week, but Mandy went further and deeper into that aesthetic and came out with something dark and beautiful. So into it. 



Sneak Peek: Mandy Coon S/S 2012

 Getting a closer look at the details of the clothes.