20 September 2011

concept korea


The Concept Korea presentation at Fashion Week was probably one of the last things I went to (I can't exactly remember, my memory is fuzzy from the busy schedule and the perpetual hangover I had, WOOPS) but it was also my favorite, at least concerning an introduction to new and inspiring designers. Granted, all of the designers who presented at CK were not exactly new -- they'd been designing for several years, if not decades, but they were new to me, which counts.

First up is Son Jung Wan, whose presentation was based upon 90's relaxed silhouettes with a dash of 50's glamour. I loved the blue she used in her collection, that rich, vibrant blue is one of my favorite colors and I think it adds a lot to the collection overall, which is primarily pastel in a variety of soft, airy fabrics. Not my favorite collection of the night, but still a good one.


Next up is Doho, which felt like a very faerie collection to me, something that a Fae would wear while she danced around in the clouds and plotted how to keep Sookie in their grasps forever (also, fuck this season of True Blood.). I loved the hair, I loved the fact there was a lot of intense textures going on but it never felt heavy, but I would probably not wear any of it. I'd like to see some of the pieces incorporated into different looks, to see how they translate into different styles.





The next group was, I think, Steve J & Yoni P.... I can't really be sure who designed it, woops. I can't find the name on the presentation stand and the collections aren't on the website, so I'm just making an educated guess: it's a more laid back collection with 'hippie' urban influences, etc. My favorite outfit was the suit, I would wear it to death because I'm a firm believer that more is more. Overall it felt a bit discombobulated.



My favorite collection overall was hands down Lie Sang Bong though, I have his resume/lookbook/thing on my nightstand because I keep flipping through it. There is nothing I didn't like about this collection, nothing that I wouldn't want to wear. Architectural, vibrant, shamelessly intricate and modern but not cold. So, so good.




I'm a big fan of the hair and makeup, too, I wrote about it on PD already. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS AWESOME.



Sang Bong has done a lot of really impressive, super rad collaborations (Blythe Dolls! LG phones!) and I'm really looking forward to seeing his next collections, and this one in photoshoots. Gotta happen, it's too good to just disappear.