21 September 2011

Mistress Wednesday

Coach Poppy Bag, Vintage Dress c/o Another Mans Treasure, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Anglomania Shoes

Fall is here!!! We're still in the transition stages so I can't layer properly yet, but I'm very happy with being able to wear sleeved things and dark lacy things without sweating to death now. This is just what I wore Monday, but obviously since my influence was Wednesday Addams (as it always is, I mean really), I decided to show you all today. For those who asked, this is actually a room in my dorm. No one is ever in it when I'm in it, so I get to sit down and draw and do whatever and write on the walls if I so desire. My happy place. There are other rooms around the building that are like this, but this is the best one, I think. 

Been swamped with work, can't say I mind though. One day at a time, right? So tired, so much homework. And I've been thinking about sexuality like, 24/7 for the past few weeks, it's a really frustrating topic and I can't really escape it, particularly since I'm queer and femme and in order to find my place in my college I have to constantly come out and it's not always the experience I expect or want it to be. Oh well, more on that later. How are your classes going?