05 August 2011

wish list version: couples outfit

I did not actually intend to make a shopping list / wish list solely based on this one dude, but I really am obsessed with his outfit and general existence and have accumulated a wishlist over the past few days of stuff I really, really want and intend to purchase in the very near future. Read: I spent my paycheck before I actually got it, going to be eating ramen for another nine months straight, OH WELL WHAT IS SAVING MONEY I DON'T KNOW WHATEVER OK


First stop: Dem shoes. Minute I get enough money in the bank to get them from my *secret* location, they will be MINE. hiss. Since I can't afford to buy EVERYTHING here, I'll pick and choose and then DIY the rest. Particular the blazer he's wearing. You will see that one day.... I am determined to make it if I can't buy it.