26 August 2011

eleven objects in three ways

Went around pulling some accessories for a series of collaborations with Meagan, first on my list were the collars that Eleven Objects makes! The ladies behind the brand are super super nice and it was fun visiting their studio and fawning over their next collection, and being hated by their grumpy cat but still wanting to love it because I love all cats, ever. 

They surprised me with a collar to keep! I'm so so in love with this collar, and decided to play with it today. 3 looks, 1 collar. You can click the photo to see the outfits in larger dimensions for details.


All thrifted and/or vintage besides the collar. There's apparently like this 'style rule' where you should limit your outfit to 3 colors, maximum. Well, that....is....dumb. I think most of my outfits are like, 3 colors minimum. Well, recently, I have been wearing mostly all white and black on a daily basis, but it's usually the same outfit and that'd be boring to photograph since you saw it already. This is how I'd wear the collar on a normal day though.


I made the yellow cardigan in the first outfit into a skirt in this outfit. Super easy D.I.Y, literally took me five seconds and I just unbuttoned it to become a cardigan again afterwards. I like this color combination a lot.


The shape of the two skirts bugs me, but oh well -- in real life, it's much more peplum and less bag-lady. I used a shoe clip from ban.do to top off the look, just because. I love their shoe clips, I used them on the shoot too. I hardly ever show you guys what I'm wearing on my feet though because it's too much of a pain, but trust, these clips are on my shoes all day long.

Anyway, I'm off to start packing to go back to school, and also back to fondling this collar lovingly. :)

Have a great weekend!!! x