17 August 2011

prom night long past




I wasn't even going to post this 'cause it's so old, but whatever. This was my junior prom dress! I think I look much better now than I did then, to be honest. I had no clue how to do makeup and I just towel dried my hair and my prom sucked. Oh well, the dress was worth it and I've worn it many times since! But I've never photographed it. It's been on street style blogs quite often, photographers seem to like it (I wore it to FW once or twice).

It's a custom piece from Angie. She was so so sweet and it's really one of my favorite dresses ever.. I'm kind of having a specific color palette right now, only black, white, and red so this was a natural pick to wear today. I'm also wearing one of my favorite lipsticks, Revlon's Fire & Ice. Pure, matte red. Luuuuuuvvvvv.

Anyway, everyone who wanted a code should be getting an email from me sometime today! There is some problem with the code but it should be figured out ASAP.

Anyway I'm off to watch japanese horror movies and cry into my cat plushies in terror. Bye.