29 August 2011

diary of a lucky mother

August has been the busiest of my summer! Wrapped up my AMAZING internship at Teen Vogue (Thank you Casey and Naomi and miss you Andrew and hi Noel and Anna and Josh!), planning out my rapidly filling up fashion week schedule, almost getting hit in the face on the R train by overenthusiastic spontaneous break dancers, getting trapped in cabs by con-men cabbies, skype calls ALL THE TIME with people I love, good food, better company. I'm really just so so happy and thankful and tired and excited all at once. I thought I'd share some of what's been going on with you. 

No explanation, I'm already showing you lots. Meagan and Candice are such cool, down to earth people. Don't you like the sofa? I am an /arteest/. I used all my favorite Louis Vuitton and Chanel scarves, I'm obsessed with them right now. This Chanel scarf (the left cushion one) is so cool, it's the only Chanel item I own and actually like. 

I'm really emotional over makeup right now.

And remember that wishlist post I did? Well, I got the 2 most important things off of it, and I just got the shoes today! I had a really elaborate happy dance I did holding the shoe box, my parents were creeped out but I seriously was stalking the package almost 24/7 for the past week, I screamed when I saw the UPS dude. I have been wanting these forever and now they are mineeeeeeeeeeee bwahahahaha

Also, posting will probably be lil' sporadic for September, can't avoid it. Gonna be juggling classes, fashion week reporting for FutureClaw, other writing projects, getting kick started on a super amazing feminist film project I'm heading up, all that jazz. I like blogging on a schedule like I did this month, so I will try to figure out what days work for me and let you guys know when to expect posts. Scott will be posting some too, I decided that one way we can keep in touch even though we're on different continents is to blog together. Friends that blog 2gether stay 2gether!! Okay, thats about it. See ya. x