06 May 2011

things that are very important to me





more pictures: here. here. here. Click on the pictures to see them properly. 

I got myself some Comme des Garcons. ♥___♥~~~ If you didn't know, there is a sample sale going on at the Croatian Church on 41st and 11th and  CDG is up to 70% off: all past collections. It was a madhouse! I had some ridic touble buying this dress but I did it and I'm so so so happy with it I could cry. Legit, one of the top three most important things in my life??

Twitter said I should do a haul video so here it is, if you don't subscribe to my youtube channel. It might still be processing by the time this post is put, but oh well.

I am also wearing a Junko Koshino Jacket. Koshino was one of the first Asian designers to ever leave Japan and find commercial success elsewhere, she showed in Paris before Kawakubo and Yohji did I think? They were the first wave of otherness to freshen up the Paris runways. I am very fond of this jacket, if you've been a long time reader you might recall seeing the skirt that accompanies this jacket. I don't wear it very often.

It's weird because I'm really stingy IRL, like, most of my outfits don't cost more than $10, I shop exclusively at vintage and thrift stores, but when it comes to CDG and designers I really love I'll fork over $$$ and not bat an eyelash. It's worth it to me, it is an investment, I cherish my favorite items of clothing like people would cherish their chlidren. When I am sad I put on my favorite thing and it makes me feel better. I don't regret buying this at all, I only regret not having more money to spend on more! This splurge was a long time coming. What's the most memorable thing you've splurged on? Do you regret it?