21 May 2011

i have no idea what to title this so just go get a doughnut and forget about it



Just some things I've been appreciating this week. I would do a full outfit post but I have mostly been in the bathtub being sad all weekend so putting shoes on and painting my nails is as far as I've gotten to getting dressed. I can't wait for summer. I will probably regret wanting summer when I'm sweating my ovaries off pounding pavement in New York but it's ok. Then I can be excited for fall dressing!

Shoes: Gift from Wanted, Bag: Gift from Modcloth. The shoes came in like less than 24 hours, mad impressed. I've never owned yellow shoes before and I'm not usually a fan of this kind of shoe but it felt right to me. 


I haven't read zines -- or purchased them -- in awhile, let alone made any, so I think I'll probably reread my favorites this week. I just started journalling again the other night in my sleep in a last ditch effort to be okay and it was really cathartic. You don't realize how much you miss something sometimes until you start doing it again I guess.

Some playlists I've been digging lately, which are definitely suited for today. Take a listen and I'll see you in hell???????? Hahahahahahaaaaaa.