30 May 2011

i guarantee a flower


Magazine: Rodeo Spring 2011

Model: Jenny Sinkaberg

Photographer: Julia Hetta

Stylist: Tekla Knaust (New Blood)

I am really just in love with this editorial. I am usually so inclined to over the top things and clashing and unconventional objects but something about this just really struck me, guess it's the hectic and stressful situations I've been thrown in in the past year. I would never be able to wear any of these things -- not enough color! -- but nonetheless, it's just so beautiful. And fresh, and calm, and clean. It reminds me of rebirth. You go through these phases of yourself and hopefully emerge a better person. This reminds me of that feeling.

 Everything about it is perfect. P e r f e c t. I want big blown up photos of these to put in a big blank room with a huge window and a big fluffy bed. It would be so prefect.