27 May 2011

cell phone diary

I don't have a lot of pictures on my phone. Blackberry cameras are beyond shitty I only use it for email and twitter anyway. I mean, that's what I use it for besides getting phone calls and ignoring them. (It's nothing personal, I am just a hermit.) But here are some photos of the past year or so, outfits that were never properly documented, things like that.

Pretty sure this is from a photoshoot last summer where I was assisting a friend. Obsessed with the rings. I used to wear rings a lot more, now I'm more of a bag person. Also I lose rings all the time so why bother??

Oh man I don't think I ever properly documented this hairstyle, I had X-MEN quality hair for about a month before I felt too basic and went back to purple. It only really looked good styled up like this and even then, with my glasses (I hadn't gotten my new/vintage frames yet) it didn't match up to me. Still nice. Ignore the dress, it was for a photoshoot I was modeling for. Face shot. 

Went on a macaron binge for awhile. It was very expensive and I ultimately prefer brownies to macarons. However, eating them in the bath with candles while watching romantic comedies is a pretty sweet deal. 

I'm pretty sure I never documented this outfit because I looked creeper as hell in it. It was a yellow vintage sweater, red plaid skirt, and this scarf hood thing. I do miss that vibrancy in my hair. I'm too poor to afford that hair dye though lol. It bled everywhere so I guess it's for the best. 

From my OUTNET shoot awhile back! Best hair day OF MY LIFE. I purchased a culring iron so I could mimic it. But I fail miserably each time I try sooooo my hair will just have to remember this day fondly. It's the same dress I'm wearing in the picture above btw. $20 at Housing Works? 

If you are wondering (STILL) what kind of hair dye I use it's Adore. Special Effects is more blue based and I think is morre vibrant and lasts longer but Adore is way cheaper and more easily accessible. 

Some of my favorite pieces in one look. Felt very British Invasion. 

One of my favorite if not my favorite hairstyle besides when someone curls it for me. My hair is a teeeny bit too layered for it to pin perfectly but nonetheless, awesome.

The yellow vintage dress a few pictures up is also this one. I haven't taken a proper outfit photo in it yet but I will before it gets too hot out.