28 May 2011

i am coming for you

Lately I've been missing Taiwan a lot. It's not that I have a deep connection to where I was born, I am not even  fluent in Mandarin anymore and only really learned it in High School. I have progressively gotten worse at speaking and reading and writing it since I stopped taking classes. My mom visits Taiwan quite often but we don't use Mandarin in the house unless we're yelling at each other (I am most fluent at insults in Chinese, which is not surprising in the least). I miss Taiwan though, mostly 'cause of the collection of weird and obscure Chinese Dynasty treasures we have in our apartment in Taiwan. My parents and I have always been really into antiques and my house, not surprisingly, is strangely similar to what people imagine a pirate ship to look like. 

Why am I rambling on about any of this? Mostly because this Rodarte collection really reminds me of the China and pottery vases we have back in Taiwan  and have hidden away downstairs which I would play with and damage without care as an elementary schooler. I've been watching a lot of horror movies and sci-fi movies lately and it's been melting into my brain along with this Rodarte collection, which wasn't my favorite but nevertheless is beautiful on it's own. Truth be told, I haven't been paying much attention to runway shows and have concentrated more on makeup and personal style magazines than anything else, but I've been thinking about the progress of Rodarte for awhile and am really eager to see their next collection because they're definitely changing rapidly and I'm curious as to where they'll be next season. One day I'd like to own something from their earliest collections, this dress is definitely a dream of mine.

 Trolling through farfetch out of boredom and habit is fun, if a bit masochistic when I add things to my shopping cart or discover new designers that I can't find anywhere else. Have you got anything in your bookmarks from farfetch you've been staring at for ages? I wanna stare at clothes.