14 January 2011

lookin like a new wave nun

It's my 18th birthday today you guys!!!! This is a scheduled post because I am (hopefully) out doing something productive and cool. Or I am sleeping.

It is also...the blog's 3 year anniversary. Thank you for sticking around for so long, newcomers and old friends. Through the random hiatuses and my long winded rants, I just wanna know my life wouldn't be the same without this blog and the people I've met through it. Thank you for everything. ♥ I've made the greatest friends from this blog, and I'm constantly making new friends. But I can always use more friends and new blog reads. So please leave a comment and I'd like to check out your own blogs too. :) Payin' it forward! I wanna see new blogs on my blogroll.

This is what I wore Tuesday. I woke up early to go do stuff outside my house but I got side tracked by the k-drama Secret Garden and was so consumed with rage at the main character being a huge creep and potential rapist that I didn't go out at all. (HE IS SO CREEPY I HATE HIM NO ONE CAN TELL ME DIFFERENTLY) (Ha I bet Luxirare is shaking her head at me right now. Don't judge me for my koreaboo habits!!)

wednesday addams on tuesday

Anyway yeah. I was feelin a moody dominatrix witch vibe but it ended up being a "New Wave Nun" look as my parents describe it. Whatever works I guess I don't know blahhhhh. Here is a death stare to silence any criticism of my outfit/life/choices.


More photos after the cut, along with clothing credits. Go!


Meh it looks better irl, colors wise. Also it is not shapeless blackness!! It is super witchy and rad I swear. I am wearing the green velvet maxi skirt with a plain black thermal and a black robe over it, undeaneath a harness from Angie. This is my dining room for those who are curious. I used to take a lot of outfit photos in here if you stalk my archives and recognize it. Also this is my wooden parrot. He's kinda quiet.



I love dressing up as a character deliberately, I'm getting back into it after many humdrum days of dressing for convenience. NO MORE! BACK TO FREAKING PEOPLE OUT WITH HOW WEIRD I LOOK! MY FAVORITE THING!!!! Do I have the instinctual urge to want to dress up to be 'pretty'? Yeah sometimes. I wouldn't have so much makeup if I didn't I guess. But it's much more fun to just dress up like i'm a character in a story. A weird, gloomy depressing character who talks to a wooden parrot and has purple pigtails and can put a spell on you with a glare. Anyone who dares defy me will suffer the consequences.


P.S Omg I'm dying to show you guys proper photos of my new glasses. THEY ARE SO PERFECT, YOU WILL DIE!!!