29 January 2011

unearthly creatures of a dream

I got an email the other day from the designer Scott Park dropping a note on his new collection and how it might interest me. Well, he was right, his collection is pretty amazing and right on point with how I'm feeling right now. Also, HE has purple air which obviously means we are pretty much spiritually twins.

Anyway, his collection is pretty excellent.  Witch dreamy vibes with a dash of royal luxury and off kilter-witchery. Just the thing I'm into right now. Have a look, it's totally worth it.

UNEARTHLY CREATURE OF A DREAM SS2011 from Anna Dobos on Vimeo.

Director: Anna Dobos
Designer: Scott Park SS11
Makup: Dana Delaney
Models: Nicole Edwards @ Photogenics / / Layla Mae @ Ford
Soundtrack: "Mumbai" : oOoOO
Shot in Griffith Park

More photos and my short and simple interview with Scott after the jump. 

Your collection is named Unearthly Creature of a Dream. Can you explain the concept behind the collection? I'm getting some witch vibes from it and I'm digging it, and the film is unearthly and reminds me of decay and rebirth....what were some specific inspirations? I want to steal from your mood board!

The collection was titled from an excerpt from Maurine and Other Poems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. The concept was conceived from my childhood and influences from what I’m thinking now. I saw the film Pastoral: to die in the country (田園に死す) by Shūji Terayama which evoked a personal and subjective universal idea. Also I have an obsession with the germ theory of disease and Takashi Miike’s works which probably influenced me as

You have some work not concerning fashion design in your portfolio - how did you make the leap into clothing, or have you always been a multi-tasker? How does your work in painting and/or illustration tie into your collection? 

They are obsessions and a natural progression. The creative approach is to make something new whether the materials differ the goal is the same.

This is Scott's first fashion collection. And since he's transplanting to NYC  I'm sure I'll see him around so we can all stalk his progression as a designer together! Yay, fashion stalking!

(all photos and of course the video are Scott's own. He has a lot more on his website, which I suggest you check out!