11 January 2011

witchy london school girl, but lazy and freezing


I have not actually gone out of the house in like a week, taking these photos is the first time I have seen actual sunlight / bothered to change out of velour sweatpants (JUDGE ME I DARE YOU). Not my most /fav/ outfit I have worn recently, but I figured I should at least show you guys what I've purchased recently! The skirt and blazer are from my last trip to goodwill. I think I'm gonna hem the skirt a bit higher. And by 'I'm going to' I really mean "Make Mom Do it." I like the vibe of my outfits lately though, a lot more than I have in awhile. Creepers and hair in braids, gingham and plaids and awkward proportions are kind of excellent.



I hate taking outfit photos aghhhhh. I used to enjoy it much more but oh my god, my tripod is the most annoying thing I own. I wish I had someone to take photos for me like other bloggers have! PHOTOGRAPHER BOYFRIEND, WHERE U AT????? Just kidding boys are gross.


Anyway yeah my back hurts so I'm going to go drown myself in Lush bath bombs and pink bubbles in my bathtub now. Seeya.