17 January 2011

winters bones

(you can click on the photos to see them larger. Highly recommended!)



I've been rewatching my favorite movies the past week or so and Charlotte Gainsbourg in lambskin Balenciaga pants makes me cry inside because it is such a perfect combination. (She is one of my favorite people and is in a lot of my favorite movies.) As such, I've been wearing my lambskin leather pants and pretending I am her. I think I lost weight or something since I purchased them because they're kinda baggy on me now. I've only been eating cupcakes and macaroons and ice cream cake and rice for like my entire break so I don't know how I lost weight but whatever. Also, thank you so much for the birthday wishes! ♥

Scarf: Yokoo
Jacket: Coffeeshop (for review purposes)
Pants: Vintage Lambskin from Goodwill
Bag: Goodwill



I'm wearing a jacket by Coffee Shop sent to me to review (awhile ago, woops!) I usually like colorful jackets but a simple black toggle coat is a welcome addition to my closet because it gives other people the guise of being a normal human being: LIES!!!! I like it a lot, it's warm enough and light enough to wear without freezing or feeling like a gigantic hot dog or something. It's a good material and the cut is very  flattering. My only critique is that the hood is not big enough for my liking -- I like huge, voluminous hoods, which this doesn't have. And perhaps that the snap buttons come undone too easily for my liking. Other than that, I really like the coat. It's a good coat.

Anyway, I'm back to school now. Bummer. :|