08 January 2011

goodwill hunting and also a giveaway

I have like five posts saved in my drafts before this post but I am antsy about not posting for such a long time (me! Saying a week is too long!! THE WORLD IS ENDING THE BIRDS ARE FALLING OH MY GOD SCREAM) but I have kind of made it an informal resolution to post at least twice a month -- hopefully four times a month!! Because blogging makes me happy and I want to get back into it. My writing in this post soudns franticl (you see what i did there im so funnny right). Sorry. So. Here is a post. Hi.


This is the interior of my favorite Goodwill store!! It is basically a second home to me. My parents worked here before I was born, and a lot of my first memories of anything ever are about the people who (used) to work here or what have you. It's in the middle of nowhere and outside of this store is a burned and destroyed white limo and a bunch of abandoned warehouses... it's kinda creepy. But the inside!! It is gold!! Thrift store gold, I tell you! I have seldom left this store without a few trashbags filled with clothes and a hundred dollars less in my pockets. Or my parents pockets. They usually go with me and buy more than I do. Being cheap about clothes runs in the family.


Whenever I do interviews for magazines or whatever and they ask me where I shop, I feel really boring when I saw Goodwill. And by 'Goodwill' I really just mean this one store. I have not stepped foot into any other clothing store in years.  I mean, besides Bergdorfs and Comme des Garcons, and those are more like religious outings to me than an actual shopping experience. Although this month I was hoping to go buy a CDG dress for myself (I'd saved up enough!!!) but that's not going to happen (again) because I spent too much in December so now I have to wait awhile. Bummer. I used to be so good at budgeting..... hahasob.

1. Marc Jacobs RTW Knockoff skirt from Target that didn't fit me but I took a picture of anyway because it's gorgeous
2. Elasticized purple deadstock vintage pencil skirt that matches my hair perfectly
3. Floor length green velvet skirt
4. Plaid schoolgirl skirt
5. Jones New York Blazer (I must have like 8 Jones blazers. I have no idea why)
6. Pendleton blazer!!! I love Pendleton. My most recent cape is from Pendleton!!
Anyway this is a clothingrack!preview of what I got at Goodwill today. Shopping to me is a very meticulous pursuit... I don't like shopping with anyone really, because I shop very slowly and go through literally every rack: even the children's section.  I don't ever really set out with a theme of what I want, but inevitably a color scheme or whatever pops up in my final purchases and it's always fun to see. Everything goes with everything else! And I always buy blazers.... I swear to god I'm going to end up a cat lady in my 70's with about a thousand blazers of all different patterns, because I already must have around 30 blazers..... and that is after selling/giving away 20. TRUE LIFE: I'M A BLAZER HOARDER.


So bummed I couldn't fit into the skirt on the left. It was sooooo best. I didn't even bother trying it on because I knew it wouldn't fit me just by doing the neck test. (wrap the top part of the skirt around your neck, if the ends don't meet around your neck it's too small. This also applies to jeans.). :( :( :(

hi dad.

This is my dad, blogfriends! If you have read this blog for awhile, you've seen lots of pictures of him when he was cool and in a band or whatever. But now he is an old wolf-like man who cannot not make creepy faces at the camera and wears leather trenchcoats 24/7 while he plays the guitar in the basement. I love him a lot. When I came out to my parents my dad was super supportive and still is. He is my favorite person.

mirror smug shot!!!

And of course this is me! I am sorry I could not show you properly all of my purchases from today but I will do so in a HUGE MEGAPOST very soon of ALL of my purchases from the past month... which there are A LOT OF. I will probably do it in video form with my d90 instead of my webcam so you can see the clothes properly though. Be excited!!! It is gonna be great. In any case here is a pic of my freshly died hair in naturalish lighting. More blue based than my old hair which bums me out but it's pretty nice I think. Also I am wearing my Yokoo scarf which I love to death.

random webcam picture because I am vain

P.S My very good shop!friends Hello Again Vintage are hosting a giveaway that ends exactly on my birthday/this blogs anniversary!! I asked them to end it on that day special so I can direct you guys there sort of like a celebration of this blog...or something. I don't know. I wanted to feel special. So go enter it because the prize is awesome and Hello Again is one of my favorite stores ever.