19 January 2011

little things i like

I stopped by Another Man's the day before my birthday because I was in the area and spent some time pillaging the racks and contemplating buying the "Satan Was A Lesbian" pop art to hang up in my dorm (I did not purchase it, but if it's still there next visit I certainly will!). I ended up buying two pairs of glasses: one faux Prada 1950's Italian gramma sunnies I will show you in another post sometime and these babies. I've been dying for some cool frames for EVER and these are so perfect. Gonna get them fitted with my prescription A.S.A.P and wearing them FOREVER.

 Got these babies last Goodwill trip for like, $5? They fit and they're great and make me like 6 ft (I am 5 2, so this is VERY IMPRESSIVE). SoOoOoO great. They are not walking shoes, going to have to get some gel footies to stuff in the heels to make them better to walk in. No big deal.

I am a very picky bag person and this is a bag I really like. I got it at Goodwill last time too. It's got so many pockets and it is the best bag ever.

A combo I have been wearing (with a dandy bowtie or my Yokoo furry ball necklace) with some lambskin pants or a schoolgirl skirt with creepers. I am into dressing like I'm dressing like my imaginary dandy girlfriend who is into punk rock and enjoys eating candy cigarettes.

My mom saw me wearing these with my lolita dress on my birthday and got so jealous she made me buy her a pair. We usually have very different tastes in shoes (she likes crocs and platform slippers) but we both  agree that creepers are fabulous.

I got myself birthday macaroons the other day too.  I have ice cream cake, macaroons, black forest pancakes and cupcakes in my fridge right now. WHAT IS HEALTHY EATING, I ONLY BELIEVE IN SUGAR AND CARBS!!!