07 February 2011

But I'm A Cheerleader!

So ages ago my bossman Bobby at FutureClaw (Hi bossman, you are the greatest bossman ever!!!) recommended the film But I'm A Cheerleader! to me after I gushed about Repo: The Genetic Opera (another GREAT FILM OF GREAT PROPORTIONS OF GREATNESS) and basically it was the perfect recommendation because it is a great film also of greatness and greatery. Here are some screencaps!! I am so in love with this film!! Gratuitous exclamation points are necessary to describe my love!!!! They aren't in order because Blogger is stupid but I think if you want to watch the movie (WHICH YOU SHOULD) it's better that way anyway.

Do I really need to go into the ways this is great? No? Okay I didn't think so.

Cateye situation 2010-Forever

Pink PVS Trenchcoat. I mean. I MEAN.

You know the Victorian in LIFE? The board game?? I always cheated to get that house and this house is the BETTER version of that house only it EXISTS which makes it even BETTER.

 Dreamboat Barbie 

So in love. SO IN LOVE

Room inspiration vibes from 2011 into forever 


I loved this movie instantly. It's campy and dark in a funny way and obviously so up my alley aesthetically. It kinda reminds me of Suspira in it's campy dark humor. I think Dario Argento would dig this film, maybe. It's just so film nerdy!!! I love movies so much. My favorite thing to do is to go to the old cinema and smell the old cushions and stare at the super beautiful ceiling and watch movies. When I was going through rough times in senior year of high school I'm pretty sure I spent more time at the Loews Landmark Theatre than I did at home.

I watched this over winter break.... I spent most of my break just recovering from college and building up my own happy little black hole of creativity... watching movies every day that I love, writing for hours, listening to good mixtapes and LP's in my attic with some hot cocoa, making and reading zines, shopping (TOO MUCH SHOPPING.), being happy being myself, completely.

A lot of people I know seem to be terrified of being alone with themselves, ya know?? Like, they go insane if they have to be in the house by themselves for two days. I totally love being by myself. I am my own favorite person to hang out with. My favorite events have happened when I am by myself (hohohoho)! I love ice skating by myself, I love walking around Jersey City by myself, I love exploring Taipei by myself, I love walking around New York City by myself, I love sitting on the roof at four a.m by myself. Have you ever gone to the Museum by yourself? It is also one of my favorite things. I hate going to the museum with other people because then you have to compromise on how long you're going to take at each exhibit, etc etc and that is just not my vibe. If I want to sit in front of a painting for an hour, I'm gonna do it, and if I'm with someone else at a museum they'd probably hate waiting around for me.

look a video to break up text

Being an only child is pretty excellent if only for the fact you are pretty much accustomed to solitude and think of it as a luxury more than glaring evidence of how you have failed at being a social being who goes out and has fun with other people. (for example: fashion parties? AHHHHH I'M ALWAYS THE YOUNGEST AND DRESSED NOT IN BLACK IT'S SO AWKWARD!!!! i avoid them at all costs).

When you are unimpressed with the people around you, you basically come to the conclusion being around people who you don't mesh with can be draining and poor company. And I have concluded, that it is better to have no company than be in poor company! My standards are very high if only because I have a horrible temper and it is unleashed far too often! Maybe I'm just a jerk??