13 February 2011

polly pocket pals in comme des garcons


Fashion week... hrrmmmm. Even with any bullshit that is standard with guest lists and seating politics, I will put up with a great many things to see my favorite people. I don't get to do it often. I think Friday was the first time I saw the old lady (it is my nickname for Tavi) for more than five minutes in like a year?? Crazy times. It's weird though. When you are really good friends with someone it doesn't matter how long it's been since you've last seen each other. We fall into the same habits of creepily staring at each other and poking each other to make sure we're actually in front of each other and make indiscernible noises loudly for no reasons at all in public. Such is life as telepathic twins.

lol i sound so annoyingly random in the beginning. It was probably the momofuku truffle balls we were eating like gluttons before i pulled out my camera. They are beautiful inventions.


We had breakfast together and a handful of other bloggers -- Zana, Carolina, Greta, Lucrecia (hiiiii I love you) and Keiko  and  Mr.Bloglovin (this is my nickname for him) with the kindness of Hudson Hotel and Urban Decay.  UD provided us sweet gifts which I still cannot get over. UD is hands down my favorite cosmetics brand besides indie label Aromaleigh -- which unfortunately shut it's doors in December but not after I ordered a ton of eyeshadows -- and Sugarpill Cosmetics, which I am dying to try. I am a big makeup nerd even though I don't wear a ton of it on a day to day basis.


I have a lot of UD stuff at home -- some of which I haven't even opened!! I'm really bad at denying myself UD, especially when it's on sale on Hautelook -- but I have been dying to try out their new palettes and trust me that they are fabulous in person.

this is her normal face you guys!!!!!111

Anyway I spent a good half of the day with Tavz being creeps in her hotel room and attending the Ann Yee presentation together and taking prom date-like photos of ourselves on the streets before we split for our own things. I hung out with the needy bitch Kristin  (HAHAHAHA) and Mark and Toni and Veronika the rest of the day. Or was that the next day? I don't even remember man. Fashion week is a big daze. I'll post pictures from the actual presentation some other day. See ya!