09 February 2011

good vibes




My style has changed a bit because I have stopped reading fashion blogs (whelp?) and have returned only to FRUiTS and my beloved tumblr. I've been the busiest I've ever been so I don't have a lot of time anymore to do much but homework and watch Kaichou wa Maid Sama (I HAVE MY PRIORITIES.) 

 My style used to be very much influenced by the fashion collections I would peruse online and personal style blogs but now I guess I'm more attracted to attitudes and reds and yellows and greens than any particular look. Angry and happy colors... my vibe. A good collection of prim and proper buttoned up shirts, leather cage situations and retro mixed in is an ideal outfit.  But really, I am more into the suggestion of a particular attitude than anything else. Style is suggestion of something more, right? Trends are distractions from a style that can be used in style but don't make it. 

I'll be blogging about fashion week this season probably! I never do so I figure I will this time around. See ya around.