27 February 2011

we are helpless and poor and gluttons and happy

So yesterday I hung out with my bff Scott Park. Yes, that Scott Park! He moved to New York recently -- probably the day after NYFW ended I think, and we've been inseparable ever since. Yesterday we had all of these huge plans, but none of it panned out and we ended up eating at this horrible hole-in-the-wall dumpling place with the worst service ever and a screaming baby and me freaking out over holes because I have trypophobia (if thats how you spell it, idk. Google shows me a bunch of triggering images whenever I want to look up the history of my phobia so it's obviously not very helpful.). We did go ice skating though, that was fun.


On the way to Walk for Choice / Rally for Planned Parenthood -- which we were hideously late for, because I had a blood test and had to sit in a waiting room for three hours because the American Healthcare system is fucking horrible and I would prefer to live in Canada bc they have an awesome system -- we ended up in like the most deserted part of New York City. It was freakishly empty. There were no cars or people and it was like, deathly quiet. I was honestly terrified we had walked into the Twilight Zone or something. I have never seen the city SO DESERTED.


So of course we took the opportunity to take pictures. I haven't had time to touch up my hair at all for the past two months so  forgive heinous hair situation. It's weird though because I get more compliments on my hair with horrible roots and streaking than I do when I freshly dye my hair. I think it's people being nice.



Vintage dress, blazer. Peacock tights - on backwards because I was groggy in the morning and couldn't tell which way is which - courtesy of Modcloth. Sneakers are Nike I think. Coach backpack courtesy of Coach when I collaborated with them.

I would post pictures of Scott but he prefers to be faceless for his brand because he wants to be like Margiela. So, boo.


Anyway I have to finish my paper on Freudian dream theory and rewatch the Big Bang Show (GDRAGON 4EVZ) now. Bye.