16 February 2011

i can't think of anything funny to say sorry


This is what i wore today. I wore a variation of it for some fashion week day except with a beige jacket with a ton of vintage  brooches covering the front (I did an outfit post awhile ago with it, if you care to go searching) instead of the gold batwing thing.

I am wearing some Nylons kindly send to me from Tights Please (hi Lauren!) which I am obsessed with actually. Out of randomness I wore Lolita and white thigh highs for my birthday and I've been a convert ever since. These don't move at all which is pretty impressive considering I've worn them a couple of times. I like them.

Anyway I was flipping through some old outfit photos the other day and if you're new to the blog I thought you'd like to see my style from awhile ago. And my hair. Ha.




I would make such a qt asian boy wouldn't I??? Anyway, bye .