26 July 2011

things i am obsessed with: odani motohiko

This is a guest post by my bff Scott Park.


I’ve discovered Odani’s work accidentally I can’t remember where or when but ever since I did I’m continuously intrigued by his aesthetic and use of material. I was fortunate enough to see his work and also Chiharu Shiota’s installation at the “Bye Bye Kitty!!!” exhibition during my stay in NYC. Odani’s work resembles organic biomorphic forms, and possibly the idea of transformation. His visual presentation seems to be in a state of purity almost as if scientific in nature. I’m obsessed with how
his pieces evoke a feeling of being uncomfortable but to the point in which after a few moments of inspection, you forget you’re in a bare sterile white room, and in some ways sense something so natural.

The idea of Mending, Renovation, and Transformation are all that I’m interested in at the moment. And in some instances I had a personal connection to how poetic in substance Odani’s and a few other artists are now impacting me and my own work, especially since I tend to incorporate a similar notion of psychosis. I believe to question reason, sense, and experience can alter someone’s comprehensive thinking. But perhaps if this is what the future may look like, it’s a good sign.


Anonymous said...

I saw this with my friend and she was like "OMG, HORSES!!!!!" and a minute later "OMG, UNICORN!!!!!!!" so I guess she really liked the post, it's a great idea to let your bff write something, she did a great job! :) I liked it too.

x Narita

Yajaira said...

great photos


425860a2-b827-11e0-9bd1-000bcdcb8a73 said...

I can see why he inspires you Scott! His work is so complex and appealing! I could observe each piece for hours and not get bored!! Wish I was in NY at the time :( Do you have any specific pieces that are inspired by his art? Or is he an overall inspiration? Either way I love it :O can't wait to see more!!

Amazon Coupons said...

Its really OMG..
I have never seen such a beautiful picture in my life.

hamish morrow said...

These pieces are very reminiscent of one of my professors work: Khalil Chishtee

check him out and do a cross comparison if you'd like: http://www.khalilchishtee.com/

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