05 July 2011

we have to use quarters to shower? this is a bathroom not a goddamn arcade ok

Back from vacation, short lived and aggravating as it was at some points, never going back to that place again I think. Oh well, I'm not broken up about it, I'm just glad to be home.


We stayed in a cabin, and as you can tell my my dubious expression it was super exciting to worry about bugs 24/7 crawling into my sleeping bag (I don't even dislike bugs, but I mean, seeing a bug the size both my thumbs combined crawling up my arm when I'm trying to sleep it not very comforting, nawwhatimsayin?

DSC_0933 DSC_0934

It had it's good moments though, I liked the countless cat-naps on the private lake and the time some ladies at the beach thought I was a celebrity and asked for my autograph (what even???). Also, playing DDR. I will never pass up a few hours on a dance pad, ever.


Even if my vacation was a bust it was nice to get away for a couple of days from the computer and from my responsibilities  even if they are cool responsibilities to have. I hope you're having a nice 4th! 


Closet Cravings said...

My parents used to take my sisters and I away every summer to a cabin in Maine. No cable, or malls, or things to do. Just a lake, a small town movie theater that played movie a month after their release, and a tiny library. At first, I loathed it, then I grew to like it a little. Now I miss it. =)

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Laura Sherriffs said...

Your hair and glasses are phenomenal.

Just sayin' :)


whitemaskgirl said...

I guess cabins are still better then tents.

xtine said...

LOVE the purple hair, thinking about dying mine.
sweet blog too btw! I've just started one, check it out: stylebullets.blogspot.com

Laceface said...

Your glasses are so cute!


Cristina said...

I just recently moved somewhere with lots and lots of bugs. I'm getting used to it, but I still freaked out the other night when I saw what looked like a beetle from Africa! It was huge!

So what celebrity were you mis-taken for?

Cristina <3


kimvee said...

Love the glasses! :)


strawberry MILK mustache said...

we super love your blog. You are so pretty!

The Dainty Doll's House said...

Least it was a cabin and not the ground in a tent and sleeping bag! We used to go in tents and I always ended waking up on a tree limb that I slept on all night & was not in the best mood after!! Hope your week is great!! x

Lydia said...

You look really cute in these pics. Your vacay sounds pretty sweet to me, minus the giant bugs. I'd be down to nap on a lake a few times and sign some autographs. Hilarious.

Madame G said...

Sorry your cabin experience wasn't all you'd hoped. But hours playing DDR? Hell yeah!

lobsterleyla said...

The title of the post reminds me of my Paris vacation. Cafés around Notre Dame charged me 50 cents to pee, even though I had already paid 5€ for tea or 4€ for a scone! Lame!