29 June 2011

people are staring at us but that just means we're doing something right



One of my dearest friends (who I met on the internet! All my favorite people are the people I have met through the internet. SURPRISE.) is leaving me tomorrow to study at Central Saint Martins, kinda heartbroken so we decided to commemorate our friendship of the summer with lots of narcissism. You don't recognize him, but I've blogged about him before, he's Scott Park. You can read a short interview I did with him  when we first met here.  He's probably one of the only people I let borrow clothes from my closet. FYI, None of the clothes in this post are new to the blog, you can see both the blazer he borrowed from me and the dress I'm wearing in this post from March. I'm bet you're sick of the blazer but I DON'T CARE I LOVE IT. ♥_♥

I'm kind of bummed with the way this dress fits now, I think I lost ten or maybe even fifteen pounds since last year without really trying and the way this (my favorite dress!) fits is very different than it did only a few months ago. It used to fit perfectly, but whatever, it's still cute. It's one of those dresses that you wish you had a thousand of.

Scott is such a talented designer and I've seen sneak peeks of his new collection / future collection and I'm SO OBSESSED. I really believe he'll be a success and I do hope you'll watch out for him in the future 'cause I think with enough luck he'll make it big. I certainly think he has enough talent.


I'm really going to miss my bff. Q___Q We shared many memories over spicy ramen and the smog of his cigarettes. And we bonded over Britney Spears and Big Bang, which makes him very close to my heart. Guhhh teary eyed guhhh



By the time you see this post, he'll be flying and I'll be unreachable at the lake for vacation. I hope you're having a great summer so far and I love you!!! Internet hugs and kisses.