07 June 2011

dreamy boys in dreamy rooms

Did you guys know I wanted to be an interior designer when I was little? Well, actually, I wanted to be an astronaut ninja nurse secretary mix, but mostly I spent my time drawing a bunch of elaborate and over the top apartment buildings down to the initials on the towels. I still have all of my sketchbooks and I still collect a bunch of design clippings. I used to dog sit for a friend who had the most amazing interior design skills (if you stalk my blog, you might have seen me taking outfit photos in her house)  and even though I don't do it anymore I still visit her house to drink in the inspiration.

Here are some of my favorite rooms I've amassed in my collection. The majority of these can be find on Lonnymag.com, or Lisa Sherry's Blog. I collected these over time so I'm not sure all the credentials (boo on me), if you know lemme know so I can edit credit in.

Interior Design by Caroline Robert.

Happy rooms make me happy and me happy is a fleeting thing, so I think when I eventually have my own place I'll make it a point to make it reflect creativity and happy things that match my sartorial inclinations.