19 June 2011

Resort 2012 Realness

You guys!! This resort season was/is so important and amazing! I have never really been into or been impressed by Resort collections, a lot of the times they seem do be done without true vision or a point, and they're invariably white, beige, short to the point where I seldom bother even looking. But this season I did, and I'm so glad I did! Collection after collection was awesome and I really am in love with so many, so many!!!!!  THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH EXCLAMATION POINTS TO PROPERLY DESCRIBE MY ATTRACTION!!!!!

My heart is in my throat I am clutching the screen I am clawing at the screen come to me I want to love you down and sing you Justin Bieber songs!!!! Everything at Peter Pilotto was perfect to me, the length, the simplicity of the silhouettes, the acidic palette. I would die to see this in person, I want to know what fabric they used, I would be a little disappointed if it was just like, cotton or jersey. The prints would look next level in shiny fabric. Basically, I want every single item and I want it yesterday. Peter Pilotto is most definitely one of my favorite designers and I have never been disappointed by his work, ever. Resort was no exception.

I'm just having a moment with the skirts. The shirts are amazing, but I doubt they'd stand the test of time??? I do have collared shirts like them so I'll probably replicate one of these outfits, though it'll take it forever to find a skirt that looks similar to those. 

I mean. I MEAN!!!! As a ~fashion writer~ I should be really descriptive and whatever, but really all I can say is: *appreciative animal noises, pawing at computer screen, hearts for eyes*. I really loved how whimsical this was, the floral prints are garish but in a CUTE way, and it's just the best mix of pretty-ugly cool. I love the makeup too, so fresh. Into it. 

The red moments at Preen were my favorite. I went through a phase where I wore red like every day. Then I had green and blue phases etc. The way the clothes fall in this collection is truly stunning, I expect the most from Vionnet for draping (check out Vionnet resort it's beautiful) but but Preen had the cool factor and the pink suit. Really the pink suit the most important. Pink. suit. I want a pink suit now. My wardrobe feels lacking without a pink suit. 


And that concludes my highly critical, moving review of the collections. Riveting, I'm sure.