09 November 2011

keep breathing and breathing and breathing

Another day of armor. It feels very fall, yes? I wanted to take this out before it got too cold to wear. 

Vintage Tulle Peplum Jacket @ Goodwill / Comme des Garcons FW2008 Dress / Thrifted Striped Shirt / DIY Halfassed Facial Expression

I like this jacket because it reminds me of that iconic Yohji jacket.

 I think I would wear my jacket much more / like it more if the shoulders weren't so weird -- they're kind of bulbous because of shoulder pads but even if I removed the shoulder pads, the actual sleeves are cut strangely and I'm not good enough at sewing to feel comfortable taking the jacket apart. I am no Luxirare. I DIY things like sweater skirt and whatever but I hardly ever sew things into being permanent, I tie up, I clip, I button in such a way that things can always be moved back to the way they were before, I like it better that way. I am terrified of DIY disasters!! Do you have any stories to validate my fear?