21 November 2011

diamonds and pearls

Been wearing this outfit pretty much nonstop because I'm lazy and it seems misleadingly complicated. I think if I had a pleated leather skirt I would probably wear that with it, switch out this dress for the skirt, but you know, I don't really need any other article of clothing right now.. don't need much at all. Just some nice films and friendly conversation with people I love and miss. 

Did I tell you guys I'm getting contacts? I spent like the entire week last week trying to put my sample ones in and gave up until like, a few hours before my doctors appointment, and then I got my sample ones in!! They're ordering my new ones so I should have them by after Thanksgiving break. I still prefer glasses over contacts -- these just suit me, I think -- but it will be a nice change I guess, for when I want to wear super OTT makeup looks. 

Speaking of makeup, thank you so much for the warm reception powder doom has been receiving on tumblr! Chi-Chi and I are so so thankful everyone loves the blog, and we're trying to figure out how to say thank you properly for the Holiday season. ♥♥♥ Thank you twenty thousand times.