22 November 2009

made for tv moment: "all the cool designers either died of aids, or went broke, or BOTH."

I had an outfit post with this picture scheduled this week but I deleted it by accident because I'm lame and technology hates me. I guess blogger was scared by my creeper pose in this picture.

Notice anything ~different? My shirt, ya'll! The one in collaboration with Borders & Frontiers along with the other bloggers -- Tavi, Fake Karl, Elizabeth, to name a few.

Ha. Yes that is my shirt you see -- wrinkled because I basically sleep in it as well because it's so soft. I'm so excited I have it finally, I wear it with everything. And Tavi's, too. It's perfect for everything, particularly awkward first dates.


Like, go on a date and if the girl or guy across from you is being a tool, be like, "Oh, this shirt? It's my DAD. He went to JAIL FOR KILLING MY EX BOYFRIEND FOR BEING A TOOL. The one-eyed monkey on his shoulder was his deadly weapon. The monkey was excellent at throwing bananas in people's eyes. So, yeah. What are we ordering for dinner?"

Man, I haven't done it yet but I'm pretty sure that would be the best date ever.

Top: Mine! Buy it on the sidebar when Drew puts it back up because I (yet again) fail at technology and accidentally deleted it when I was editing my layout. Speaking of, how d'you like it guys?
Everything else: not important.