22 November 2009

made for tv moment: "all the cool designers either died of aids, or went broke, or BOTH."

I had an outfit post with this picture scheduled this week but I deleted it by accident because I'm lame and technology hates me. I guess blogger was scared by my creeper pose in this picture.

Notice anything ~different? My shirt, ya'll! The one in collaboration with Borders & Frontiers along with the other bloggers -- Tavi, Fake Karl, Elizabeth, to name a few.

Ha. Yes that is my shirt you see -- wrinkled because I basically sleep in it as well because it's so soft. I'm so excited I have it finally, I wear it with everything. And Tavi's, too. It's perfect for everything, particularly awkward first dates.


Like, go on a date and if the girl or guy across from you is being a tool, be like, "Oh, this shirt? It's my DAD. He went to JAIL FOR KILLING MY EX BOYFRIEND FOR BEING A TOOL. The one-eyed monkey on his shoulder was his deadly weapon. The monkey was excellent at throwing bananas in people's eyes. So, yeah. What are we ordering for dinner?"

Man, I haven't done it yet but I'm pretty sure that would be the best date ever.

Top: Mine! Buy it on the sidebar when Drew puts it back up because I (yet again) fail at technology and accidentally deleted it when I was editing my layout. Speaking of, how d'you like it guys?
Everything else: not important.


Isabel said...

If a person responded well in that kind of situation, slap a ring on their finger fast.

Emily said...

That would be a hilarious first date, only a really awesome person would just laugh that kind of thing off.
Love the new layout, the header is mad cool.

ekerplay said...

haha creeper pose! love it.
I find outfit posts so difficult - not that it's difficult for me to dress myself (most days), but because I have no idea what to do when I get in front of a camera.

interesting colours though :)

{Anna} said...

Haha. Nice date. x)
I love the sweater and your layout is beautiful. c:

brandon said...

I see that sneaky Proenza twist; it intrigues me.

Courtney O. said...

explain the skirt. because i love it and want it. and very nice explanation. ill have to not try that ever

Faridah said...

hahaha, perfect date tactic! You look awesome too.

Clara said...

you are very stylish!
I love your clothes.

the StReeT chanteuse said...

I spy a sweater masquerading as a skirt! (I dig it lots)

...love how you edited this photo, and your design is HOT STUFF, yo.

(also I scrolled up and down like twice before I realised you must of left it out of your sidebar. sheeshh)

katthroatworld said...

cute outfit! very creative!


Elle said...

Love the outfit! I can totally see that being in NYLON.

Dannie said...

loooving the cardi and tights
animal print liiives forever!!!
cuuute flippin sunnies too

Tea with Edith said...

I really love how you created that skirt, it´s brilliant!

louise or valentine said...

i agree with miss isabel, if homeboy is into that humor, hold onto him.
also, loving the skirt. is it really a sweatshirt?

sheshanna said...

love the use of colors and patterns.

starting a tumblr, check it out! :D

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! I LUV this post and your FAB skirt!:))

Lizz said...

that is a pretty snazzy skirt you got! and that would be awesome if you actually used that shirt on a date like that. If you do, let us know how it goes!

Mens casual jackets said...

Cool picture! Really liking that cardigan. Cool glasses

Dorothy Rimson said...

I Feel like you had a wonderful time.

LiveFashionDieHappy said...

this is very inspiring. one day I would have a fashion epiphany and dress like that then my mom would be like "where are you goig in that?" which is so discouraging but this pic gave me hope. thanks. p.s. ill post my next fashion epiphany.

poppy:) said...

wow cool t-shirt and the skirt has like arms on it tied at the front epic!!

poppy:) said...

whoah almost forgot your totally awesome glasses

Anonymous said...

YOKO ONO!!!!!!!!!!!

Tam said...

the shirt is pretty sweet, and i really lovelovelove the jumper as a skirt!

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Nadia Domingos said...

i really like this jacket :)

dani d. said...

amazing colour/pattern combo. that skirt/shirt/sweater thing is to DIE.

prashant said...

really awesome person would just laugh that kind of thing off.

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