27 June 2008

and then damnit the falafel exploded

Hi guys! A few emailed and commented on how I studded my new shoes, and it's really quite simple! I followed Flying Saucer's DIY but used Gorilla Glue. I used very little, because the glue tends to foam--use wisely! Better to put on less than have to wipe away later on. The shoes are manmade, cheapo material so the glue works fine.

Since summer is here I have more time on my hands (until July 5th, whatever) but there's a sale going on for these shoes and I have studs left over so if anyone would like, I can do it for you! Just drop me an email at letsbeninjas@gmail.com I'll let you know. I'm looking for some already studded shoes as well.


I hung out with Maddy today! (We never made up codenames, gah!) Along with my friend Peter, we limped I mean frolicked in the nonexistent City breeze, ate falafel, and shopped. I have also come to the realization I should never be in charge of directions, because I am semi-retarded at all things important.

Anyway, we walked around East Village and St. Marks and I showed her around my usual haunts, discovered new places. You'll see the pictures of that soon enough. Until then, here are my finds. Again, camerea phone pictures, blah. I think I'm getting the hang of it, my little dit above is pretty fly, no?

I love love love my buys lately, in part because 1) Most of them were gifts and 2) Not one of them was over $10. Am I pro? I am very pro. You could almost consider me awesome. Oh wait, I already am. Teehee.

And omfg (yes i went there) how cute is Tavi with her new haircut? Seriously, total girl fawn/crush/squeal. Best cut ever I do believe.

"Oh I see you thar, envi'n mah do. *preen eyelash bat preen preen*" It's okay to look in the mirror very time you pass by one, it's a total epic haircut. Squish!

Speaking of epic, I dreamed about TAO Comme des Garcons F/W Paris last night. My favorite so far, and I've gone through three pages of collections so far.

After seeing the collection I've been on the hunt for lots and lots of textures and ruffles and general disorder to add to my wardrobe. I enjoy my style as of now but I really think there's some experimentation to be had! Maddy and I were considering buying petticoats/tutu's, and I WILL get one by the end of the upcoming month, mark my words.

I have celebrating to do tommorow (congrats my senior bitches, you're freshman again and have entered the school with the highest amount of STD'S IN THE COUNTRY! HAVE PRIDE!)



Vintage Vinyl said...

Totally cool post. I love the shoes

Wendy said...

Oh and I forgot. You know that vintagey skirt with the lace at the bottom? (cream colored) I made another but its a bit its too small on me, epic fail. Its measures 23 inches but this would be high waisted.

Tavi's haircut is insanely cute!!!

saray said...

I love Tavi's new hair cut! it's so chic..

Zoë said...

did you go to that vintage store around st marks that was closed that one time?

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

lovely pictures1i love the studded shoes!it is fierce honey!too edgy

Belle said...

Yeah, that's where we were trying on tutu's. it's off st. Marks, though.

Stephanie said...

Those sunglasses are fucking amazing, I want! And I love all the Tao stuff. I think you might be living in my brain, dude. (Haha stoner much?)

Hope you get unhungover (?) soon!

bewkworm said...

yo, i ate falafal, and yesterday too- fist on ben gurion street, which is like an open air mall, but instead of panda express, trhere's falafel and places selling mezzuzahs and stars of david. and today i got a little lost in the old city, but then i found everyone, and we ate falafel. it was my cousins first time eating it, she's so adorable. oh, what kind of souvenier do you want? trhere's a bunch of jewlery, but they havescarves too. i was thinking of getting a kafiyah, but the only people i know that wear em are hipsters. even if yours is actually from a middle-eastern country, i don't think anyine will know the difference. you gotta tell me by mnonday, cuz tuesday is my last day with internet. i have a rock from the church of the holy seplecher, where jusus was buried. i wonder id anyone would want it. they were selling holy wster by the church, but it looked expensive. i got a little fish pendant that can wiggle around, and i was planning on giving it to someone, but i think i'll keep it, cuz it's pretty cool. and for my requisit compliment- those are cool shades. oh, and i'm glad yor internet buddy isn't a creepy old man, cuz that'd suck.i'm getting tan, it's pretty cool.

Tavi said...

I'm crawling into your bedroom at night and stealing those shades. Mmkay?
And awww, you're such a doll! Thank you Belle :) Perhaps I'll refrain from taking your specs.
Off I go to check out the rest of the TAO stuff, it's amaaaazing...

Belle said...

(i say this because i watched The Pianist today)

or jewelry. i don't want hipster scarves or whatever they are, everyone will think i got it from UO.


tavi: ppffftt i wouldn't have posted it if you didn't look amazing Tavi bby. :D

Tavi said...

Oh Belle, the thrills and delights I get from reading your comical musings. Do me please? xD

Shirley's Place said...

Cute shoes.
And I love those tights.


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zhuhuajun said...

werent the shades 10.something?

Belle said...

yeah, maddy got them for me though. :B

i don't count tax either. fufufufu.

yiqin; said...

The shoes are so awesome! I can't seem to find cheap shoes for me to DIY some studs on!

bestie said...

woah. amazing shoes! i can never be entrusted with glue, everything ends up stuck on ME.

ashleigh said...

ohh your shoes are amazing. well done. i'm gonna look into this diy business.

Sandra said...

the shades are r amazing...what store are they from??

ed said...