19 June 2008

abigail owes me 7 dollars and i think she has tourettes

HIIIII GUYS. My exams are over and school is unofficially over! I only skipped twice! Be proud. Guitar hero and skating down the hallways, oh yeah. I would like to take the time to give my thanks to my study buddy. Consistent, warm, kind, furry...

In other news.... my favorite black silk windbreaker has a tear in it! It's not huge but substantial enough I don't want to wear it anymore if the hole gets any biggger....and oh, you've never seen it. I'll take a picture before it goes into the abyss of my closet again.

I've been wearing all black lately, kind of like Stephanie. Most definitely because of the Queens brainwashing me into wanting their lives, but not biggie. I also have my favorite fash book to do the inspiring. Example:

Minion gave me this book early in the year, it was a pre-release copy her dad brought home from work. Style Deficit Disorder, it's all about Japanese style. I'm thinking you should buy it and ogle with me. Yes? Yes? Yes.

Not Japanese Street Style, but each and every one of them holds their own. I just spent 2 hours on Lookbook.nu....

  1. Despite the blatant Crystal Castles (a.k.a Doucheband extraordinaire) I totally want to beat her up and run away with her outfit. I'm afraid she'd beat me up first though. Click.
  2. I LOVE THE CUDDLE POTENTIONAL. The guy's nice too. Click..
  3. The reason I chose this was because he is the identical twin of this guy in one of my old swim teams. His eyes hurt my feelings. I'm pretty sure he's the only reason why I tolerated that team. Pretty, pretty eyes..
  4. ......I need it. Click.
This is actually a pretty good way to grasp my own style... I've worn my own versions of these outfits once or twice. I want another granny sweater now....