22 June 2008

i might be going to hell but i'll have jonas brothers and chopstick numchucks by my side

AHHHHHH if I tilt my head I'm afraid my brains will come spilling out and attack me for putting it through the torture of ABC Family ''Rock Camp'' and bitchslap fights with Abigail in the car. By the way bitch, my head STILL HURTS.

Summary of days thus far:
You have no idea how hard I laughed taking these pictures....I would totally kick butt on ANTM. Yes? Yes. Random animation. Blogger points if you know who I was honoring with my jump.

The day before today, what I wore and what I did:

I also slept in a tree for two hours. It's my favorite spot, twenty feet up and a panoramic view of the park. I'll take a picture of it soon.

I get emails from readers about blogging and whatnot and I'd like to say to those who've asked: I love comments, but I love knowing my readers just as much! It's cool that some ladies get 50+ comments plus, but I'm happy with the ones I do get. I just like making people smile and being narcisstic and blogging about myself and fashion seems to work. It's a win-win situation, you know? Don't get put down by looking at the number of comments, just concentrate on the enthusiasm within those and go with the flow. You'll get what you earn. It's not a popularity contest unless you make it. Have fun! That's the point.