11 June 2008

printer butt > shelf butt, at least you're biodegradeable.

It was 104 degrees yesterday. 104. Or whereabout, at the very least 99. I be dead.

Silk Tracy Ellis Shirt, My Morbid Necklaces, Her Mom's leather belt, cut off One Tuff Bitch jeans (best name EVER), ghetto slippers.

After that we went this little cobblestone road under the street and took some pictures of my outfit. I've been wearing these jeans I destroyed religiously whilst dreaming of Emmanuelle Alt in a totally non lesbian way. One french movie and I can't get them out of my head. Actually, 7. But who's counting?

Oh look, she smiles.

I have nothing to wear for summer besides cut offs, vintage tees, and my boots. I miss tights. If I didn't need to actually eat I would spend all my money on dresses and skirts...

Or a way to become this person. I know she's trippy, I want to be her and glare at people from my little corner in the room....

Whenever I see ruffled like the first dress, I think of FIERCE TRANNY. Whats up with him, anyway?

BTW: My internet is being an asshole (I would apologize for the language but it's just really being a prick) and I have finals next week so sorry in advance for lack of posting.